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  • Q
    How is a centrifuge used to test oil quality?
    • A centrifuge uses rotational force (centrifugal force) to separate basic sediment and water (BS&W) from an oil sample. Sediment, water, and oil will “shake out” during the test and separate from one another in accordance with their densities.
    • ASTM and API procedures specify testing parameters such as speed, temperature, and duration to ensure constant and reliable results. LK’s equipment is made in strict compliance to these standards.
    • The centrifuge method is commonly referred to as the “field method” for testing oil quality due to its durability and ease.
  • Q
    Where are L-K Products made?
    L-K products are manufactured from our facility in Houston, Texas. We take great pride in knowing our products are built in the USA.
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    Where can I access product and warranty information?
    Product and warranty information is available, Click Here.
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    How do I become a distributor?

    For additional information, please call our Sales Manager @ 713-926-2626 713-926-2626 or email at

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    How can I get help with ordering a product?


  • Q
    My centrifuge did not come with a power cord.

    Class I Div. 2 explosive environment certified centrifuges do not have power cords. This would void the certification.

  • Q
    How can I get another copy of my owner’s manual, or wiring diagram?

    Owner's manuals may be obtained by calling a member of the L-K sales staff. They can also be downloaded be clicking on this link.


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