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MWTX Calibration Services

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Calibration Services

Miller-Weber has focused on accreditation and conforming to relevant industry standards to ensure that customers have a high level of confidence in all calibrations performed. The ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory is housed in the Houston manufacturing facility and offers calibration services for thermometers, hydrometers and centrifuge tubes.

Why Use The Miller-Weber Calibration Laboratory?

  • Established traceability of measurement standards and measuring instruments to the International System of Units (SI) by means of an unbroken chain of calibrations linking them to relevant primary standards of the SI units of measurement.
  • Application of procedures to estimate uncertainty of measurement for all calibrations performed and the assurance that calibration uncertainties are sufficiently small so that adequacy of measurement is not affected.
  • We participate in annual assessment and proficiency testing activities.

Official Standards & Accreditations:

  • ISO / IEC 17025:2017 (E)
  • ANSI / NCSL Z540-1-1994

Scope of Accreditation for Miller-Weber of Texas Calibration Laboratory:

  • Temperature:-80º C to 405º C
  • Density: 0.6250 to 1.910 Relative Density (SG)
  • Gravimetric Calibration: Up to 100 ml
  • Rotational Speed: Up to 6,000 rpm

Calibration Order Instructions:

  • Please print the calibration form: Download
  • Fill out and include payment information.
  • Send instrument to 1999 Tellepsen Street, Houston, TX, using the shipping label provided on the order form.
  • We will follow up via email or phone letting you know we received the instrument. The lead time is typically 2 weeks from the Friday following receipt of the instrument. We always strive to deliver sooner.

Temperature Calibration*
From -80 to -40 °C $120
From -112 to -40 °F $120
From > -40 to < 0 °C $94
From > -40 to < 32 °F $94
From 0 to 100 °C $72
From 32 to 212 °F $72
From > 100 to 200 °C $83
From > 212 to 392 °F $83
From > 200 to 300 °C $105
From > 392 to 572 °F $105
From > 300 to 400 °C $153
From > 572 to 752 °F $153
Density Calibration*
From 0.625 to 1.910 SG and equivalent in other scales $60
Base Price for Calibration of Digital Densitometer $190
Miscellaneous Charges
Duplicate Report of Calibration $125
Teflon® Encapsulation (by length) $1.75/inch
Instrument Found Ineligible for Test
(without Replacement Instrument Ordered)
* Prices indicated are per point tested and include pre-calibration examination of the instrument.
Volume & Rotational Speed*
Gravimetric Volume $11/point (min. 3 points)
Rotational Speed Starting at $399